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I almost cried

I like how you took the story directly from mythology but interpreted it in your own way. Very nice!

I love this! The story is very interesting, and the ending was definitely a shock. The graphics/visuals are also beautiful!!

Wonderful game!! Love all the meandering directions a lot!! It really gives it the unreliable narrative feel to the game. The ending was chilling...


Awesome work. I cried at the end.



My beloved...


this was a really poignant little game. I love the mechanic. I got lost in the memories, sometimes. I love the way the background lights up. I wonder if I hit the stag at another time if I would've had another ending?

Hi, i liked the aestetic and the simple way the mecanic was presented at de begining, the feeling of releasing the archer was nice also. About the story i have a question. Was him in shock and the game was he traying to recover from that? or was him in the future incapable of forgiving himself and going through the same day over and over, or something else. Short and sweet.

Hello, nice game, nice graphics. im a programmer looking for a graphic designer or a team to join and maybe work on new games, are you interested?
my LudumDare Game:


Very innovative story telling mechanic. and gorgeous artwork. Thanks for the experience!


I love the posterizing light effect, and the pallet is just so good!


oh man.
right in her chest and in my feels

Oh my god. Beautiful. I didn't expect this kind of story.


Can you add a link to your ludum dare page here, I would like to be able to rate the game after I play it. :)

^I want to rate this game too. Fun idea and I like how u handled reaching the last room.

Here's the link: 

Here you go! added in the description also: