Insignia Alpha Demo 1.1 Release Notes

Hey everyone,

It's been an awesome couple of weeks since the launch of the alpha demo. I've taken the opportunity to add some new features, fix a few bugs and smooth out other big issues. The list of changes is as follows:

New Features

  • Button and Key Bindings
    Insignia now supports full re-binding on keyboard and Gamepad. From the settings menu or the controls screen, you can now bind any key to any function, as well as configure any gamepad to match the layout of the game's controls.
  • Notifications System
    All system-level changes (saving, loading, rebinding keys) now invoke a notification from the top of the screen, giving the player confirmation of their actions.

General Changes

  • Goats are now stunned when parried, making them a lot easier to fight.
    Goats were a little overpowered in the previous version, especially in an instance where players had to fight both a goat and hedgehog at once. The hedgehog in that encounter has also been moved.
  • Moved Berta from outside Ohrenstead and placed her further into the demo.
    Players will now almost certainly have some money on hand by the time they meet Berta, so their first encounter will allow them to make a transaction.
  • Changed the sprites for gamepad face buttons to make them smaller and more aligned with the other button prompts.
  • Changed Armin's guard / parry animation trigger more forgiving, so earlier inputs will be punished less severely.
  • Decreased the cooldown on Armin's roll to give players more control and freedom in combat.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where Armin would be unable to descend stairs after a scene played or chest was opened.
  • Fixed a bug where boulders would remain "airborne" and able to hurt armin even after they had landed on the ground, or respawned.
  • Fixed a bug where enemy health bars would flip when enemies turned around.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the screen to shake when Armin spawned in from the Watchtower door.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Armin to slide down slopes when using the "guard" move.

The Alpha Demo v1.1 is now available to download :)

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