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if I buy this, could I use this in a visualizer/video for a song? or is it strictly for game development usage? (also, your videos are a godsend, thanks for all you do!!)

Sure, you can use it!

Amazing asset! Thank you for making this and your tutorials and YouTube videos, they've helped me so much and my art skills and game and motivation wouldn't have been the same, good luck with your game! 


This is an amazing asset, thanks!

I modified it somewhat and was able to get it working on the Sega Mega Drive..

hello. I already bought original. And now, I want to buy 

Beach Parallax 
could you upload Beach as another file? I can't not pay the extra. This web system shows me only one way to buy 6$ again. 

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Hey! I'll do my best to solve this problem for you ASAP. Thanks for letting me know!

I have the same problem :(

I've chosen to allow the pack to be downloaded for the same price, rather than splitting it up. Let me know if you have access to the beach add-on now (for no extra cost)

can you share the palette pls.


Here you go!


I like this style will you ever release any top down assets ?

Maybe in the future :)

You're the best, Adam!