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3 days remaining, no deaths, first try 💪 LOL

this is a lot of fun! took me like, a mission or two to really understand what i was doing. after that though, it was a breeze. pixel art is a dear love of mine and this game's graphics are lovely <3

This was so much fun. I really enjoyed it. Keep up the great work! 

i beat the game it was fun it was pretty easy and i wish there was an endless mode

This was a fun game! My first champion perished but after that no one else died! Wondering if this game will get expanded upon. Selecting a champion became redundant since its only 4 types to choose from. Otherwise this was fun! Good job!

this was fun! i had 2 days remaining :)

It was very fun to play and the art is awesome. I really love the name it's such a nice pun.

Took a little bit of playing to understand the mechanic/strategy involved.  Transition screens got a little/lot irritating and detracted from the experience, although I understand, as without them it would be a very quick game.

Overall, fantastic job!

Love the pun, and the game was also fun.

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Very well done! I enjoyed playing it and I think the music in particular is excellent and I liked how the music transitioned between screens.

Some UX feedback - I think there were too many black transition screens and it felt like the flow of the game was hindered by it. The flow would feel smoother without displaying a separate screen before each screen that requires user input. A suggestion would be to display a transition screen only at the end of the day, and some of the information communicated on the transition screens could be displayed on the screen itself.

Hey really cool. Looks like those Rumor missions from the bars of Final Fantasy Tactics! Well done

Just a couple of minor issues:
The text pop up that shows the description of the heroes on the top of their images is hard to read, because it gets trimmed by the window. Maybe place it bellow the mouse
Those rounded white buttons could be remade, Unity standard UI isn't the best :P

nice game

Very fun! The ui, missions and the general gameplay loop are great! I'd love to get a full game someday!

An excellent little game.

It's absolutely stunning that this was made within 72 hours.

Font, theme, and art aesthetic are all on point.

Sound effects are completely fitting.

Character models have their individual charm and provide indication on their preferred terrain.

The game provides a surprisingly challenging level of difficulty using RNG as a basis. You sometimes need to send your low level heroes on uncertain missions to raise their stars, and you have to choose within a limited pool of candidates, while planning ahead in regards to their natures and preferred terrains.

If there is one thing I would ask, it's for more quests to train lower level heroes stars. Towards the end, if you fail in a mission with your best heroes, it becomes a foregone conclusion that your low level stars aren't going to make it, and despite their being four days, there are no quests to increase their states.

I do love it though. It's charming, and reminds me of historical accounts of the Battle of Marathon.

Very cute and fun!

pretty cool. a little linear.

Wow. That was an easy game to sink my teeth into. I liked the transitions of the sound bites as your chosen team progresses through their mission.

Neat game! I love the art style! The team building aspect was also fun and satisfying! I think I got kinda lucky with the recruits I rolled, but I still felt like I had to put some thought into the team I was building, which is a good feeling! I did feel like the missions ran a little low toward the end, maybe 2-3 more would have helped the end game. Overall, I had a great time! Great work on this!

The art is just so gorgeous and I managed to pick up the gameplay so easily it was really fun to play~ Amazing work 

Cool sprites, cool quick and easy to grasp board game style fun. I dig it

Really noice game, amazing sound effects, music and polish.

Congrats Adam, RedOmen and Kebabskal.

Absolutely loved the game. The tutorials, the tooltips, that amazing amazing music, and the nostalgia for FFTA were amazing to experience. I concur with the other comment that the number of missions were fewer than I would have liked. I would love if there were more options for the 1 star missions so different classes could succeed and you are not as hamstrung by your choice of classes. The ramp-up in mission difficulty is also a bit weird.

Overall, I would love to see this game being worked on more with more missions, more content, more polish, and more of that music. If you release this game on steam I will 100% buy it.

Beautiful graphics, stunning polish, and absolutely jaw dropping music. This was a real treat to play and a testament to what a talented dev team can assemble in such a limited time span.  I don't believe I encountered any bugs, but about halfway through the game I ran out of missions to grind and failed when I tried sending my best team on the final mission. Not sure if we're supposed to only select a small handful of adventurers to focus on or if the missions were supposed to respawn, but it was still fun to play even when losing and gave me a bit of nostalgia for FFTA.  Great work!